Home is everything. It is where we relax. Where we laugh, make new memories, watch our kids grow up before our eyes, we have birthday parties, bedtime stories, snuggles on the couch, and entertain our friends and family. It is our biggest investment. A commitment of most our lifetime. We spend hours of our days working to pay for it, we work hard to keep it looking wonderful, and also we take care in making it home just for our family. Nothing feels like home.

This is why it is more important than ever to protect it. To ensure that feeling of certainity is never lost. Our home is our sanctuary and once that feeling is violated it can never be brought back. Security is about the feeling of going to bed and never worrying about a noise at night, or coming home and wondering what we may be walking into. When we can’t be home with our children or our pets, there is nothing more important than knowing they are safe. Let HomeStar Security help you design a system that is a part of your home and family. We never take lightly the opportunity to safeguard your family’s peace of mind.

HomeStar Security Featured Benefits:


  • ADT monitoring Rated #1 for 140 years
  • Industry rated and award winning HoneyWell alarm equipment
  • Professional Installation (sit back and relax we got it from here)
  • Landline or wireless super fast 4g connection
  • Mobile monitoring through ADT’s 128bit encrypted pulse app
  • Voice control through app
  • Keep track of guns, kids, liquer cabinet, or your dog too!
  • sms text and email notifications
  • Batterback up protection
  • Pet friendly
  • Save up to 20% off home insurance
  • Most respected by police, fire, and medical personal
  • Non-Propietary equipment (other companies can use it)