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Home Security Service Bundle – 4 Things Your Cable Company Does Not Want You To Know

July 9, 2014
Brian Piccolo

With Comcast, AT&T and Time Warner Cable jumping head first into the Home Security market, homeowners now have more choices than ever to protect their homes. With so many options and the ability to bundle home services into one bill, homeowners need to be careful about the safety of their family and home. Here are four important criteria to consider before choosing a home security service bundle: Monitoring Response, Costs, Customer Service, and Equipment and False Alarms.


Monitoring Response

There is nothing more important in home security than monitoring response. What these cable companies fail to tell you is that monitoring is actually subcontracted to a nameless, third party vendor. This is particularly dangerous when the monitoring response is slow or mistakes occur. Imagine if they were to classify a real threat as a false alarm or vice versa. The other thing to keep in mind is your privacy. Who is monitoring your home? Do they have access to your social security number and passwords? Also, most of these small monitoring companies lack the staff to handle multiple alarms at the same time. As a result, their average response time is 13 critical minutes. When it comes to monitoring, one company is built from the ground up to deliver the fastest, most reliable response to alarms: ADT.


Bundling your home security with your cable or cell phone service looks both convenient and cheaper. Except, the costs are more than you think. Comcast starts service with affordable monitoring rates that continually climb during the life of your contract. Also, you cannot switch your Internet service without breaching your alarm contract. Ouch! One other thing to watch out for is whether you lease their equipment. Most of these companies will take away their leased equipment, if you were to cancel.

Customer Service

No one ever says, “My cable company has the best customer service in the world.” To the contrary, a recent article from Yahoo News ranked Comcast #2 for the worst customer service. When you need help, prepare to be transferred, wait on hold, and talk to someone overseas who is painfully reading scripts to you over the phone. Contrast this poor customer service with HomeStar, which serves as the human liaison between our customers and ADT.

Equipment and False Alarms

HomeStar Security installs the best home security and automation equipment for our clients. Our preferred equipment vender is Honeywell, a name you recognize and trust. For 14 years straight, we have found Honeywell to be the most reliable, non-faulty and dynamic equipment on the market. Compare this with the equipment your cable or utility company offers, equipment that is new to the market and untested over time. Even worse, false alarm fees from your local police, fire, or medic responders will surely negate any promised savings.

It comes down to a moment in time when precious seconds count between life or death. Do you want to go with an “if” to save a few dollars per month, or do you want the fastest, most reliable response to an emergency for your family? – Brian Piccolo, Co-Owner, HomeStar Security

This is why HomeStar remains an authorized ADT dealer since 1998. Make the right choice; avoid a home security service bundle from the cable companies. Instead, choose HomeStar Security ADT for your home security system and monitoring service.

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