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Put simply, ADT monitoring is top notch. A lot of security companies only have one monitoring center. This is like skydiving without a back-up parachute: you are left vulnerable if the monitoring center goes down.

ADT Interconnected Monitoring Centers

With ADT, you never have to worry that you will be at risk, because your security company is having technical difficulties. It has eight interconnected command centers, strategically located throughout the United States, giving your home the protection it deserves. Sometimes, things go wrong. When you work with HomeStar and ADT, you can rest easy knowing we have planned for the worst. HomeStar Security partners with ADT because we know it is the best alarm monitoring service for our clients. A few of the many things that make it the best are:

  1. Redundant Monitoring Centers: ADT typically operates multiple redundant monitoring centers across the country. This redundancy ensures that if one monitoring center experiences a technical issue or outage, another center can seamlessly take over the monitoring process, providing uninterrupted service.

  2. Advanced Monitoring Technology: ADT invests in advanced monitoring technologies, including high-quality surveillance cameras, motion detectors, and sensors. These technologies are designed to accurately detect and respond to security breaches, minimizing false alarms and ensuring efficient use of emergency resources.

  3. Quick Emergency Response: ADT monitoring centers are equipped with advanced communication systems that enable rapid response to alarms. In the event of a triggered alarm, trained professionals can quickly assess the situation, verify the emergency, and dispatch appropriate emergency services, such as police or firefighters, to the location.

  4. Data Security and Encryption: ADT places a strong emphasis on data security and encryption protocols. Customer data and communication between security devices and monitoring centers are typically encrypted to prevent unauthorized access and ensure the confidentiality of sensitive information.

  5. 24/7 Health Monitoring of Systems: ADT monitoring centers continuously monitor the health of your security system. This means they can detect and alert you to any issues with sensors, cameras, or other devices in real-time. Proactive system maintenance ensures that your security system is always operational and can respond effectively during emergencies.

  • Homeowner’s Insurance
  • Theft Protection
  • Relocation Discount
  • Money-Back Service Guarantee


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ADT Security Featured Benefits

Theft Protection*

Want some extra money in your pocket? When you choose ADT, you will receive a Homeowner’s Insurance certificate as proof of home security for your insurance company. This certificate has helped our clients save up to 20% on their homeowner’s insurance, with most companies.

Homeowner’s Insurance*

When work with ADT, you could qualify for our theft protection program. You are 400% less likely to be robbed with an ADT system. If you ever have to make a claim, ADT will pay up to $500 of your insurance deductible.

Relocation Discount*

With ADT’s Relocation Discount, some of the costs of moving are reduced. ADT will give you a $100 discount on the installation of an ADT Safewatch® Essentials or Safewatch® Essentials Plus monitored security system in your new home, if you move after two years.

Money-back Service Guarantee*

 ADT will strive to resolve the problem and back its services with a guarantee. If an installation, service, or equipment problem surfaces within your first six months as an ADT customer, ADT will exhaust all options possible to resolve your concerns. If ADT cannot solve or fix the problem, the installation charge and/or monitoring fees you have paid during your initial six-months will be reimbursed. ADT takes your security seriously and is prepared to protect your family. Are you? Contact HomeStar Security at for a free in-home security review today.

HomeStar Security partners with ADT

HomeStar Security partners with ADT because we know it is the best alarm monitoring service for our clients.