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DIY Video Surveillance Fallacy

May 15, 2014
Brian Piccolo

With so many home security options available, how can a homeowner begin to decide which one is best? Homestar Security owner Brian Piccolo suggests starting with this question: "How safe do you want to keep your family?"

Protecting your home and family is definitely not a place to cut corners with a system that provides a false sense of security. According to Piccolo, the market is filled with do-it-yourself systems, where a homeowner buys and then installs the security equipment. But even the best of those DIY systems are no match for the high-quality Honeywell, GE and DSC security products that Homestar uses.

"Some of the DIY equipment out there is very low-quality, says Piccolo, but that’s not even the worst thing. Cameras are great and have their place, but video surveillance by itself, especially equipment that’s not professionally installed and not monitored, can make a homeowner think his family is protected when that’s not really the case."

See for yourself why DIY video surveillance is a fallacy. An intruder enters a sleeping baby’s room while burgling the family’s home. Worse yet, the parents were unaware of the intrusion, until a neighbor found and returned stolen items.

Homestar is an ADT authorized dealer: selling, installing and servicing ADT security systems. Piccolo ensures that cameras are installed in the right location, regardless of whether a customer is using a monitoring system.

Video surveillance and a monitored alarm system deter most potential intruders. Our job is not to catch criminals. Our job is to keep them out of your home in the first place. When a house is monitored, it is very rare that an owner will come home to a burglary in progress. To put it simply, our job is to prevent bad things from happening.

The way Piccolo sees it, the marriage between Homestar Security and ADT is a perfect partnership. Homestar has local knowledge and can provide hometown installation and service. ADT has 140 years of experience and is generally recognized as one of the top home security companies in the United States. All that is missing is you.

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