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Customers Trust HomeStar ADT for Safety of Their Property and Families Lives

May 28, 2013
Brian Piccolo

Customers trust HomeStar ADT not just for safety of their property but also with their families lives. It’s a responsibility HomeStar takes very seriously.

Today Home security is more about the people who live in your house than it is your belongings, we want to protect the people in your house not your “stuff” we all have insurance for our “THINGS” but it is the non replaceable things we are concerned about. That is why we are raising the bar on customer trust and customer service. Every customer interaction at HomeStar is an opportunity to exceed expectations.

HomeStar is coming up with ways to become even more customer-obsessed.

For example: In most cases we will get a technician out to your house the very next day for any service!

When was the last time your cable company gave you that kind of response?

At HomeStar Security we live and die by our customers. You are not just a number in a giant corporate company that only cares about bundling up your monthly payments. This is the advantage of going with one of the oldest Puget Sound ADT family-owned and operated ADT dealerships!

Customers trust HomeStar ADT. That is why we have served over 20 thousand of your neighbors in the great Pacific Northwest and the mile high state!