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ADT Door-to-Door Sales: Does ADT Knock on Doors?

October 2, 2015
Brian Piccolo

The answer is YES! Going door-to-door is one of the oldest ways to go to market. Even in the Internet age, it is still a very viable way to involve homeowners in a product or service.

ADT comprises several corporate offices and a network of over 250 Authorized Dealers, of which almost all have representatives that regularly market door-to-door. In fact, it is the preferred method for ADT to gain more customers. Direct marketing is taught and encouraged by ADT employees, sales trainers, and corporate regional managers. It is a common practice among most ADT dealers.

HomeStar Security markets door-to-door, too, having done so since 1999 in the greater Seattle area. All of our representatives are provided and required to wear company shirts with our logo. Our reps have name badges with company information and a clearly marked van for further visibility and credibility. We have a code of ethics for our door-to-door sales program. Our reps are trained always to be kind, non-pushy, educational, honest, and love the ones we are with. Our slogan is:

We prevent bad things from happening to good people.

We know that thousands of homeowners intend on protecting their families. But with life being busy as it is, things that are on the “to do list” often tend to get pushed on to the back burner. However, the dangers of fire, carbon monoxide and burglaries happen everyday; if unprepared, these dangers can change your life forever.

Our purpose when we come by your neighborhood is to find homeowners who have been thinking about security. We make an incredible offer to help get home security off the “to do list” and on the “done list”.

One of our favorite experiences or things we hear every day from our customers we protect is:

Thank you so much for coming by, we have been thinking about this for a long, long time!

Look for us in your neighborhood!