FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

As your local home and business security experts, HomeStar Security has answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) you might have.

I see that you offer a free alarm system. What’s the catch?

If you do some research on Home Security today, you will find a lot of companies offer a “Free” security system however do you really know what you are getting many systems that are advertised as “free” from other companies are not quality equipment and are not professionally installed by a trained licensed technician,. many companies sub contract there installation, you don’t know who is coming in your house. HomeStar Security uses well known equipment from the top brands in the industry. DSC and Honeywell both have been in the industry since day one and maintain the strictest quality standards. We do not compromise when it comes to your families protection.

The equipment and installation retail at $1,177 and are completely free to you. Our goal is to customize the system to your needs as every home and family is different.

In return for the system and installation, we only ask that ADT be able to serve as the monitoring company for your home. The service includes 6 “channels” of protection:

  1. Intrusion detection,
  2. 24hr police panic buttons,
  3. the threat of fire,
  4. medical response,
  5. ambush/hostage protection,
  6. and our newest channel Pulse interactive home automation.

Because there are different levels of protection and services from ADT, the monitoring rates vary. However, no matter which monitoring package you choose, it is no more than $1.00 to $1.99 a day.

Do I have to sign a contract?

We know that security is not something families turn on once and rarely use again. In fact, our average customer monitoring length is over 18 years. Because we invest thousands in giving you a free system, all we ask is you to allow us to monitor it for the first three years. The best part is, you OWN the equipment as soon as we install it!

After my contract with ADT ends, do I have to return the equipment?

No. Once your agreement expires, you are under no further obligation, and the equipment is yours to keep. On the other hand, we know that you will enjoy the security and service we provide, and you will continue to work with us!

Do I have to purchase a monitoring package?

No. If you do not want monitoring service, you can purchase the equipment and installation at our retail price.

Do I need security monitoring?

Put simply: Yes. Security equipment without monitoring is like having a cell phone with no service!
In the event of an emergency, a monitoring program will notify the proper authorities. With monitoring, your system does more than just look intimidating. It keeps you and your family safe. Whether you are out of town, running errands, or injured, your security system will protect you because it is monitored by security professionals.

Why is ADT monitoring service better?

ADT has the largest and most professional monitoring centers in the world. In addition to protecting government buildings like the Pentagon and U.S. Capitol, ADT protects countless families just like yours.

All ADT monitoring centers are UL (Underwriters Laboratory) Certified. The staff is trained to UL standards, too. ADT has set the bar for quality service; they have five regional monitoring stations, back-up power generating capability and professionals who will never assume your emergency is a false alarm. For more information about the benefits of working with ADT, visit Why ADT.

What’s the difference between hardwire and wireless equipment? Which is better?

The major difference? Less mess, more convenience.

Hardwire Systems

Hardwire systems are still used by top security companies to this day. However, to install a technician needs to run wiring throughout your home from a control panel to the sensors. This way of install does tend to take longer, and it is crucial to go with a company who knows what they are doing, in order to avoid costly mistakes, such as drilling through water pipes. In addition, hardwire systems lack some of the newer conveniences wireless systems provide: two-way voice communications, voice chime and many others.

Wireless Systems

ADT key chain remoteWireless systems work by using radio signals. A technician leaves a dusty mess behind, because he or she does not need to drill and run wiring throughout your home. Installation takes less time, too. Wireless systems are more technologically advanced and convenient. Forget about fumbling around with a keypad; many systems can be controlled by a keychain remote, allowing you to arm and disarm your system with the touch of a button.

Bottom line? Both have their advantages, but we like wireless.

What happens if I move?

Moving happens. If you are getting ready to relocate, let us know. We will work with you to keep you and your family secure. There are a couple options to maintain your security:

  • We can easily move your system into your new home if you are moving locally.
  • Because security is a highly-sought amenity, we can usually transfer the monitoring agreement to the new homeowners. In this case, you’re released from any additional responsibility.

If the above options do not work, it is possible to pay off your contract before the 36-month term is complete. Either way, we at HomeStar Security take pride in making your move a smooth transition. Just give us a call or fill out the form; we will take care of you.

Who will service my home security system?

When you get the system through HomeStar Security, you become an ADT client. This means you get the best of both worlds. You have both a family owned local company and the worlds largest alarm company working for you. We offer a LIFE TIME WARRANTY* on parts and labor, as long as you are being monitored by ADT. (Certain restrictions apply)

Will my pets affect the system?

Pets can be the biggest challenge to security systems that include motion sensors. Because pets move around a lot, it is crucial you choose a security company that knows how to place the motion detectors in the correct areas. Our motion sensors are “pet immune” for up to 80 pounds. This is done using infrared heat detection; a pet under 80 pounds gives off less heat than something bigger. We encourage you to ask your security representative about the best solution for you and your pets.

What if there are false alarms?

False alarms almost never happen. This is because a “false alarm” is when the equipment faults. We guarantee against false alarms by equipment fault only. 99.9% of “false alarms” are by user error. HomeStar Security takes great care to teach you about your system and show you how to use it properly. Please share this information with anyone who has access to your home, including your emergency contacts. False alarms are eliminated when everyone knows how to use the system properly. We also encourage you to test your system once a month.

Have a question? Avoid a false alarm and call us at 1-855-463-7827.

Does my city charge me for false alarms?

While each city has a different policy, many will fine homeowners when there are repeated false alarms. When you have a false alarm, the best way to avoid being fined is to call the monitoring center. They will be able to call off the authorities. Another way to avoid fines is to get two-way voice monitoring, so we can communicate better with the folks in your home. This not only helps to reduce false alarms but also brings your alarm higher in the priority list with your emergency dispatch. Two-way voice monitoring is part of our most popular package.